Moderator encourages Kirk members to use Lent as a period of reflection

A figure walking along water
Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair is encouraging people to use Lent as a time for reflection.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is encouraging people to use Lent, which this year runs from Wednesday 17 February until Saturday 3 April, as a period of reflection.

Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair also suggests that rather than give something up as is traditional, it could be used as a time to proactively start something new.

"This year let's try to avoid reducing Lent to 'I'm not going to eat chocolate'," he said.

"Perhaps don't think so much about what you're giving up - think about what you're taking up.

"What am I going to do this week that's positive? Think about what you might do.

"Lent is a period of contemplation and reflection and as we look to the eventual easing of lockdown what have we all been through this last year?

"Can we use Lent as a period to reflect on that? To think about what is important and what our priorities are and to introduce the spiritual into that. What will the journey towards Easter mean for us this year?

"For Holy Week we will be producing a series of daily reflections which will run from Palm Sunday to Easter day."

A prayer for Lent

Loving Lord,
Today we set out to walk towards Easter
To the cross and eventually to an empty tomb.
As we travel, open our senses, we pray,
To what you would have us see and hear and taste along the way
And all that Jesus might come more clearly into sight.
Our desire is just that;
To see him more clearly
That we might love him more dearly and follow him more nearly.
Amid the talk of giving things up for Lent,
Forgive us for ways in which we have trivialised spiritual discipline
And lead us to what you would have us take up for Lent
And not least that desire for more of Jesus.
As we travel, shape our souls by your Spirit
And inspire our living by your Word.
We pray in Jesus' name,

Get involved

  • Rt Rev Martin Fair is running a photography competition for all ages, 'Hidden in Plain Sight', until Wednesday 17 March. Find out how to enter. You can see the entries so far on the Church of Scotland website.
  • CrossReach are inviting people to submit short prayers which will then be collated and released on Easter Sunday.
  • Look out for updates on the Church of Scotland website or social media channels about online events during Holy Week