Drama Kirk create timely new Bible sketch for young people

Hamilton-based theatre group Drama Kirk are back at work with a light-hearted short film for children and young people timed for when many will be returning to schools or work places.

The new sketch imagines a conversation between Jesus, Peter and John
The new sketch imagines a conversation between Jesus, Peter and John.

Written by Liz Blackman, the sketch is based around Matthew Chapter 10, and features Jesus in conversation with his disciples Peter and John as he encourages them to go out and teach and heal in his name.

'The Apostles Go Out - Really Out! (with snacks)' was commissioned by the United Reformed Church, who wanted a helpful film to share at a time when many may be feeling anxious about restrictions easing.

It imagines what might Jesus have to say to them as they prepare to go back normal activities.

Speaking about the group's latest production, Mrs Blackman said she was "delighted" that Drama Kirk were asked to put the piece together.

"No matter how glad we might be that restrictions are lifting, no matter how delightful it is to return to favourite activities, there will inevitably be aspects of how we have lived under restrictions that we don't want to let go," she said.

"We might also be scared of returning to pre-pandemic activities.

"These are feelings I recognise in myself and my children - it was lovely to have the opportunity to explore this through scripture.

"We've taken a light-hearted look at what the response might have been from the disciples to Jesus' call to go out.

"My hope is that the sketch will give people a giggle and some reassurance that - no matter how we are feeling right now - we are never alone."

Robin McLean, who plays Peter - a role he has played in the Passion Play - enjoyed the experience, saying, "It was great fun to reprise our roles in a different way".

"Hopefully something that we enjoyed doing will help encourage people to get back out there," he added.

'The Apostles Go Out – Really Out! (with snacks)' is freely available for use in schools, churches and community groups on YouTube.

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