Advent Day 8: The Shoes Brothers present... 'All In This Together'

For this year's Advent calendar, we're bringing back a regular Kirk member favourite — The Shoes Brothers. This year, their uplifting tune is called ‘All In This Together' and they hope that it will inspire our communities to come together again and grow in mental, physical, social and spiritual resilience after a difficult period of COVID-19 restrictions.

The Shoes Brothers are Rev Neil Urquhart of Fullarton ConneXions and Father Willie Boyd of St Mary's and St John Ogilvie's.

For over 19 years Neil and Willie have been friends, living just across the River Irvine from each other. But in the last 11 years they have become soul mates, with their own weekly 15-minute Irvine Beat FM Sunday morning radio show, 'Soul Sunday', at 9:25am. Sandwiched between two popular songs they catch up and 'tag-share' on different popular and religious themes.

The Shoes Brothers are of the firm belief that Jesus' Beatitudes instruct us not to take ourselves too seriously, rather to let God's love and peace-making fill and overflow us in respect and care for one another.

‘The high energy of High School Musical with the empathy and sympathy of Christ'

With help from professional musician Alan Campbell and Limelight Media, the video features the Glasgow Rollin' Rocks Wheelchair Basketball Team; pupils from Loudoun Montgomery and St Mark's Primary Schools; Claire Young's ‘Mind, Body & Movement' group; and Zoe and Zak Aylett, who came up with the dance.

"In response to 20 months of pandemic pressure, this year's Shoes Brothers Advent song ‘Together!' combines the high energy of ‘High-school Musical' with the empathy and sympathy of Christ," said Rev Neil Urquhart.

"The Christ of Christmas comes to stretch our loving souls and release His peace into our neighbourhoods through us all who are willing to ‘get our head, heart and whole body in the game'.

"Under the weather and waves, on your front foot going forward, or simply plodding on regardless, the spur is to socialise and exercise with others and grow mental, physical, social, and spiritual resilience. As the catchy chorus says:

We've had some hard times,
We've had some low times,

There will be good times,
‘Cause we're all in this together.

"‘All In This Together' will hopefully both lift your spirit and inspire you to spread the peace, hope and love of Jesus."


When life throws you curve balls and it leaves you feeling down,
Don't give up, there's hope that can be found.
You may feel that sometimes you are spinning round and round.
Life can leave you feeling upside down.
So we PRAY, and we PRAY, AY, AY!

We've had some hard times,
We've had some low times,

There will be good times,
‘Cause we're all in this together.

Wading through the storms of life, surviving choppy seas,
Leaves us feeling tired and afraid.
We look around for something that will help to ease the pain,
See a friend who'll help us on our way.
So we PRAY, and we PRAY, AY, AY!


Get your head in the game…
Get your eyes in the game…
Get your ears in the game…
Get your heart in the game…
Get your hands in the game…
Get your feet in the game…
Get your wheels in the game…
Get your life in the frame…

Exercise your heart and move your body, mind, and strength.
Breathe in all the breath that God provides.
Jesus comes to fill us with His love that never ends.
Stretch your soul, let peace flow through your lives.
So let's PRAY, so let's PRAY, AY, AY!


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