Advent Day 10: St Andrew's Refugee Services

For the 10th day of our Advent calendar, we're featuring the St Andrew's Refugee Service (StARS) in Cairo.

StARS is a ministry of St Andrew's Church in Cairo, a previous Church of Scotland congregation now run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Over many years we have been privileged to join with them and share in their mission, as well as supporting them financially in their phenomenal work.

Reaching 30,000 refugees every year in a country that does not recognise their status, this is an organisation that quite literally saves lives every day.

In our video, Pastor Christie Manisto from St Andrew's United Church of Cairo talks about their work and the positive difference it makes to the lives of the people who use their service.

Support the work of St Andrew's Refugee Service

If you would like to donate to StARS to help them continue in their work, you can do so on their website.

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