Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins

Beginning on Saturday 18 January, churches around the world will mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity over a period of eight days.

Churches Together in Malta have written worship material
This year's worship materials has been created by Churches Together in Malta and is themed around 'unusual kindness' (Acts 28:2)

The annual event, which first began in 1908, is designed to strengthen the ecumenical ties between denominations and encourage a sense of mutual support

Rev Sandy Horsburgh, convener of the Kirk's ecumenical committee said: "The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has, for many years, given congregations across the country an opportunity and a reason to come together and celebrate their diversity, and to witness to the unity to which Christ calls us.

"The Ecumenical Relations Committee has been greatly encouraged to hear of so many services taking place throughout the week which are bringing people together to pray for unity, and it is our privilege to be able to support this through our membership of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, who have promoted the excellent worship materials for the week."

Resources for 2020 have been created by the Christian churches in Malta and Gozo (Christians Together in Malta), and are themed around 'unusual kindness' (Acts 28:2), a reference to the treatment St Paul receives after he is shipwrecked on the island. The event is celebrated annually in Malta with a feast.

Choosing the theme of hospitality to strangers is significant as Malta has become a major point of arrival for migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East.

The upcoming Weekly Worship from the Church of Scotland also uses the material for the for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Join in

Churches who are taking part in Week of Prayer for Christian Unity can join in on Twitter with the hashtag #wpcuwall, which will see tweets added to a special twitter wall. You can follow the updates with the hashtag #wpcu2020.

Don't forget you can also share images from events at your church with the Church of Scotland's social media channels.