Watch the Moderator reflect on Mental Health Awareness week

Last week during Mental Health Awareness week, the Moderator encouraged each of us to reach out to others and to support and listen to people struggling with their mental health in these difficult times.

The coastline near Arbroath

This week Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair reflects that Mental Health Awareness is not just for one week of the year as he takes a walk through the fields and along the coastal path close to his home parish in Arbroath.

Inspired by the landscape and its history Dr Fair leads us into a reflection on how we can support one another through times of darkness. He says:

"People come to this place for all kinds of reasons: some to walk and exercise their dogs, some to enjoy the flowers and the wildlife, the birds, some to cycle and some to be down there on the water itself, and some just to contemplate, to sit quietly.

"And for that there are many beautiful spots that allow you to be there just yourself, thinking, feeling, maybe getting everything into perspective..."

Watch the video to see the landscape through the Moderator's eyes and to be assured that light will always overcome darkness.