Kirk-backed theatre group explores the story of Job online

Drama Kirk, the team behind the Hamilton Passion Play, will be exploring the story of Job online and are inviting everyone who enjoys a good story to watch.

The cast of 'Job - Wisdom in a Pandemic'
The cast of 'Job - Wisdom in a Pandemic'

Despite the lockdown, the innovative group have continued their work bringing the Bible to life and this latest production is fittingly titled ‘Job - Wisdom for a Pandemic.' In the Bible, Job has to deal with a string of trials and disasters, including ill-health and grief.

Liz Blackman, Drama Kirk's creative director, explains: "The parallels between what many have experienced during the pandemic and those faced by Job struck a chord.

"Most people have faced their own trials during lockdown, whether that has been the loss of loved ones, being furloughed, health issues, loneliness or the juggle of home schooling whilst working from home.

"We hope taking some time to explore Job's sufferings might help us find meaning in our own."

Despite the contemporary take, the book of Job is thought to be the oldest book of the bible.

Ms Blackman explained that they were inspired by people's increasing use of technology during lockdown.

"Whether it's social media or family quizzes on Zoom, we have relied on technology like never before", she said.

"We wanted to explore how this might have impacted on Job.

"Had his trials been occurring now, would his comforters have come to visit? No! They might have joined a zoom call though and that's what people will get to see.

"We have also experimented with the role social media has been playing and we look forward to hearing what people think of this fresh approach."

‘Job - Wisdom for a Pandemic' has involved people from across Hamilton's churches, including the Old Parish, St John's, Cadzow and the United Reformed Church.

They have worked together to take a fresh approach to the story, in the hope that it will bring light to all.

Earlierin the year the group's Passion Play, which was broadcast on YouTube at Easter, had more than 3,000 views.

You can see this fresh approach to the book of Job on Tuesday 14 July at 7pm on Hamilton Old Parish Church's YouTube channel.