Advent Day 24: Hebridean children sing Gaelic rendition of Child of Joy

For the 24th day of Advent, Rev Hugh Stewart, the minister at Lochs-in-Bernera linked with Uig, has recorded this Scottish Gaelic performance of children from the Hebridean island of Great Bernera, accompanied by children from Uig, singing Child of Joy.

The group, which ordinarily met in Bernera church hall every Monday night prior to the pandemic restrictions, is called ‘Molaidh Mi E' (Scottish Gaelic for ‘We Will Praise Him') or the ‘MME Project', and has been expanded online to include the children from the parishes of Uig and Bernera.

Leanabh an àigh

Rev Hugh Stewart said:

"Child of Joy reminds us that, despite the most unlikely and unexpected of situations, Christ was born into this world, the Prince of Peace - Saviour. And today, in the midst of Covid 19, Immanuel abides with us."

"Tha 'Leanabh an àigh'; a' cur nar cuimhne a dh 'aindeoin na suidheachaidhean as eu-coltach agus ris nach robh dùil, rugadh Crìosd a-steach don t-saoghal seo, Prionnsa na Sìthe - Slànaighear. Agus an-diugh, ann am meadhan Covid 19, tha Immanuel fhathast maille rinn."

Those featured include: Ava, Carrie, Fionnlagh, Anna, Fraser, Innes, Uisdean, Freya and Tearlach Aonghas. A special thanks to Mr Noel Eadie for his help with the AV editing and Mrs Joanne Murray Stewart, who helped with the background singing.

Supporters of the MME Project include Eaglais na h-Alba and Comunn na Gaidhlig.

Lyrics to Leanabh an àigh/Child of Joy

Leanabh an àigh leanabh bh'aig Màiri
rugadh 'san stàbull Rìgh nam Dùl,
thàinig do'n fhàsach dh'fhulang nar n-àite,
son' iad an àireamh bhitheas dha dlùth.

Ged a bhios leanaban aig rìghrean na talmhainn
an greadhnachas àrd is anabarr mùirn
's gearr gus am falabh iad 's fàsaidh iad anfhann
an àilleachd 's an dealbh a' searg 'san ùir.

Cha b'ionnan an t-uan thàinig gar fuasgladh
Iriseal stuama ghluais e'n tùs.
E naomh gun truailleachd cruithear an t-sluaighe
Dh'èirich e suas le buaidh o'n ùir.

Leanabh an àigh mar dh'aithris na fàidhean
's na h-aingealan àrd b'e miann an sùl,
's e 's airidh air gràdh 's ar n'urram thoirt dha.
Sona an àireamh bhitheas dha dlùth.

Translation of Leanabh an àigh/Child of Joy

Child of joy, child of Mary,
Born in the stable, King of Hope,
Came to the wilderness; to suffer in our stead.
Happy are those who are close to him.

Though babes are born to kings on earth
In great joyfulness and abundant love
They are soon gone and they grow weak
Their beauty and their figure withering in the earth.

Nothing compares to the lamb who came to free us,
Humble and modest when he first moved,
Saintly, without corruption the Creator of mankind
He rose up with victory from the grave.

The child of joy as told by the prophets
And the angels above, the desire of their eye
He is worthy to be given our love and our honour
Happy are the number to Him draw near.

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