Advent Day 18: A Christmas service from Oban

An Argyll church has put together Nollaig Seirbheis Ghàidhlig, a full online Christmas service in Gaelic for people to enjoy this Advent.

Created by Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland, the video features a mixture of music, including a beautiful performance of Tàladh Chrìosda (Christ Child's Lullaby) on the clarsach, and worship led by Gaelic speakers from the congregation.

Rev Dugald Cameron, who is the minister of Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland, said: "The Gaelic language is important within our congregation with Gaelic worship normally taking place each month.

"In the different circumstances of the pandemic we decided to put together YouTube worship led by our Gaelic speakers.

"The service includes traditional carols and music, and images of Argyll.

"Highlights are Mary Catherine MacLean singing and playing clarsach, Helen Jordan on fiddle, and Alastair Scouller preaching.

"Our Parish Assistant, Emily D'Silva has done all the editing."

Watch the full service in Gaelic

An English Translation of Tàladh Chrìosda (Christ Child's Lullaby)

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
my love, my love and my treasure are You
my treasure and my joy are You
my lovely, becoming son are You
I'm not worthy of being near You

though it's a reason for praise to me
it's a great reason for care
it's a great reason for homage
the King of the Elements being in my arms

though You're a feeble baby
for sure, the King of Kings are You
You're the rightful, true heir
of the Kingdom of God of the graces

though the King of Glory are You
they refused the inn to You
but joyful angels were heard
giving glory to the Highest One

great was the joy and wonder
of the poor shepherds of the sheep
when they heard the angels crying out
"a Saviour has come to the world"

that was the music and the joyous news
that the angels sang in the heights
telling that a Saviour was born
in Bethlehem, in the town of David

that was the sweet tale of the blessings
about the guest that did descend from heaven
it's no surprise that I'm light and cheerful
fairer/whiter than the sun is my baby

a star manifested for the kings
they followed her like a guide faithfully
they found You in my clasp
and they made obeisance to You [down] to the floor

they offered gold to You, myrrh and incense
they gave adoration to You and praise
that was the journey of joy for the three men
who came to see my dearest

since the angel of God told us
that deceit was in the heart of Herod
we left with You for Egypt
evading him before harm was done to You

O Herod, o hard heart / O Herod of the hard heart
your contrivance will not gain you victory
many the mothers that you left wretched
when you were vehement in pursuit of the death of my dear one

far, far from Judea
safe from your sharp sword is He
among the sons you didn't find Him
You are healthy, whole, and a cause of rejoicing to me

despite your ill-will and your envy
my Son will be renowned, famous
He won't show interest in gold or in silver
His Kingdom tis not an earthly kingdom

wailing, sorrowful, weary are they
now in Jerusalem
lamenting those new sons
their putting to death was a tragedy indeed

Rachel today is sorrowful
lamenting her lovely young child
streaming on her cheek are the tears
since she doesn't have them alive

I'm rearing the King of Majesty
I'm the mother of the God of Glory
how fortunate, how happy for me
my heart is full of joy

the Messiah has come, has come
all the prophets have got their wish
they've long desired for You to come
You're lovely on my forearm

His business on earth, it isn't futile
to buy the salvation of the children of men
He's the Reconciler and the Redeemer
He is the loving gentle Saviour

how has it happened that I
among the people am so special
it's the will and power of Glory
to have a son though I be a virgin

tis I who have found the priceless treasure
worthy, noble, valuable and fine
today I'm not disposed to be discontent
tis like a dream the truth

neither holy angels nor men will understand
till the last day of the world
the extent of Your mercy and Your love
coming to take a human body

I give you praise, I give you adoration
I give you praise, I give you love
I have you in my arms
tis I who am happy over the children of men

my love the eye that looks mild
my love the heart that is filled with love
though You be a baby without a strong constitution
many are the virtues which on You grow

my treasure, my joy and my dearest are You
my darling and love and love of the people are You
You're the One who brings them liberation
from the bond of the haughty Enemy

You're the King of Kings, You're the Holy One of the Holy Ones
God the Son are You, eternal is Your age
You're my God and my beloved baby
You're the high chief of the children of men

You're the fair/white sun of hope
who banishes darkness
You bring the children of men from a sorry state
to holiness, illumination and knowledge

the peoples would come to welcome You
they would pay homage to You as Saviour
there will be great joy among the seed of Adam
the Redeemer has come, has come

come, O sinner, do not fear
you'll get what you want of graces
though your faults be red like scarlet
your soul will be white like the snow of the high hills

hosanna to the Son of David
my King, my Lord and my Saviour
great is my joy to be lulling You
blessed among the women am I