Advent Day 14: A prayer from Rev David Coleman, Chaplain of Eco-Congregation Scotland

Rev David Coleman, chaplain of Eco-Congregation Scotland, has written a prayer reflecting on the five year anniversary of the drafting of the United Nations Paris Agreement on Climate Change. His prayer particularly references 2 Peter 3:8.

Rev David Coleman
Rev David Coleman is the chaplain of Eco-Congregation Scotland.

God, of Time ,
who loves God's creatures, even us.

Advent, times and seasons,
mark our life in Time's own stream.

We have Time in abundance
but none to spare!

How we have butchered Time!
One more fellow creature
we've messed around with.

Made and, loved by you.
wasted, tamed, defied by us!

We measure Time in even units;
which races, drags regardless;
and, even when imprisoned,
Time blithely runs away!

Jesus expects his least adept disciple
to read signs of the Times
staring us in the face:
storms, extinction, pandemics;
rising waters, more than tides.

It was you, God of the Waters
who promised in the sign of rainbow...
no further flood
while Noah, pledging nothing,
got to work.

And now - the house on sand long gone -
wise builders needs seek rocks inland.

Time can't be bought.

Time, fellow creature, whom we happily offload
devotionally, with awe, to you:
'a thousand ages in your sight are like an evening gone'

Ignoring this alarming fact that
"with the Lord one day is like a thousand years"
and you do not take time off.

You have given this World, -so loved, you "sent your Son"-
five more years since our species came together
with fanfares, documents signatures, bluster and self-congratulation,
with readings, stats, hypotheses and peer-review .
-all blessings, if they move things on-

Five years to hear Beloved Earth's own cries
translated by science, interpreted by faith.

And if in any sense we're put in charge:
finally, faithfully, to live each day
pray each prayer
build each church
delight in each meal
as if this were the time
-because it is-
to welcome, with hope, love and faith
that further gift
of taking notice.

Lord, come quickly!
Give us this day
our Time to change.

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You can follow Rev David Coleman on the Eco-Chaplain Facebook page where he will be posting videos each day throughout Advent.

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