Kirk seeks nominations for committee members within two new agencies

*UPDATE*: The application process for the roles of Convener and Vice Convener of the Faith Impact Forum has been reopened. Individuals who wish to apply are asked to submit a CV and two references from their most recent work setting(s) along with an expression of interest setting out their suitability for the role and demonstrating how they meet the required criteria. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 8 January, with the proposed date for interviews being Tuesday 14 January. The Nomination Committee will then consider convenership and membership on Thursday 16 January.

Would you like to have a hand in helping to shape the future of the Church of Scotland? Are you a member, elder, deacon or minister of the Church? Would you be willing to serve on a Standing Committee (an Agency of the "Unincorporated Entities") of the Church, bringing your life experiences, vision and enthusiasm to help the Church serve in the name of Jesus?

As part of the decisions made at this year's General Assembly, nominations are now being sought for committee members of the two new agencies.

In line with the decisions made at the 2019 General Assembly, recommendations are being brought to a Commission of Assembly in November to create two new agencies.

If approved, these would replace the existing Church and Society, Ministries, Mission and Discipleship and World Mission Councils.

The two new agencies would focus on Faith Nurture and the supporting and resourcing of all of the Church’s ministries and congregational development (broadly the current work of Ministries and Mission and Discipleship) and Faith Impact and the supporting and resourcing of all of the Church’s local and global partnerships (broadly the work of Church and Society and World Mission).

If the recommendations are agreed, the Nomination Committee will propose names to be the members, as well as conveners and vice conveners, of these new agencies.

As part of this work, nominations are now being sought for committee members, as well as conveners and vice conveners, of the two new agencies.

A real opportunity for Christian service and witness

In a letter inviting people to submit their nominations, Lynsey Kimmitt, the Convener for the Church of Scotland’s Nomination Committee, said:

“Every year, opportunities arise for people from congregations of the Church of Scotland to engage in service through involvement on the Standing Committees (agencies of the “Unincorporated Entities”) of the Church.

“Being involved is an excellent way to get to know the Church better and a real opportunity for Christian service and witness.

“It is demanding yet rewarding work and I would like to seek your active support in the process of finding the right people for the right jobs.”

Harnessing skills and experience across the Church

The Nomination Committee's task is to identify people whose skills and experience will be of particular use to a given area of work. It also seeks to maintain age and gender balance and a fair geographical representation.

There are many people with the necessary skills and commitment and your assistance as a member of the Church is warmly invited.

Please think carefully about approaching people whose skills and experience will be of particular use to a given area of work and encourage them to allow their names to be submitted.

We are very keen to ensure a broad representation, but we depend on people in congregations and presbyteries to help us identify who might be suitable.

Self-nomination is acceptable, though the nomination does require to be supported by a third party as listed on the nomination form. If you are nominating someone else, please approach the individual(s) concerned and complete the form together.

Details of the nomination process and a copy of the nomination form can be found on our website. Any queries on the nomination process should be emailed to the Nomination Commitee.

All nominations for the new ‘Faith Nurture' and ‘Faith Impact’ agencies must be submitted by Friday 18 October 2019.

Please note, there are two separate application forms and processes for Convenership and committee membership of the two new agencies.

Your help in this process is essential and warmly welcomed.