Fife woman recognised for running Sunday School for 51 years

A Fife woman has been recognised for leading a Sunday School for 51 years.

Marjory McHattie of Wellsley Parish Church in Methil said it was a “privilege” to have taught Bible stories to two generations of families to spread the Christian message of love.

She was presented with a long-service award by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, on Sunday.

Marjory McHattie
Rt Rev Colin Sinclair presents Marjorie McHattie with a long service award.

Mrs McHattie said: “I have loved working with the children in Sunday School and Young Church.

“Teaching the children and explaining to them through story and crafts that being kind, thoughtful, gentle, good, and most importantly to love one another has been very important to me.

“Everything that young people need to learn can be found in Bible stories.”

Peace and harmony

Mrs McHattie, a church elder, said celebrating Christmas over the years had given her a lot of joy and sharing the Easter story with children was a very moving time.

“It is important that children know right from wrong but also to bring love, hope and kindness into the world, which then brings peace and harmony so that they find the right road in life,” she added.

Mrs McHattie has now retired as the leader of the Wellesley Young Church team and handed over the mantle to 20-year-old Shannon Reid.

Wellsley Parish Church
L-R – Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, wife Ruth Sinclair, Dave Falconer, Margaret Smith, Marjory McHattie, Joan Graham, Sandy Rattray and Rev Gillian Paterson.

Rev Gillian Paterson, minister at Wellesley Parish Church, led the service along with the Moderator who preached.

Mr Sinclair said it was a “real joy” to be with the congregation who are in the process of overseeing the building of a new community hub centre next to the church.

He described the project as “yet another sign of the new life in the Church”.

Faith in action

Mrs Paterson commended all five elders on their dedication, selfless commitment and faithful service.

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Marjory for all she has done and continues to do as our new treasurer," she said.

“Joan, Margaret, Dave and Sandy, along with Marjory, are examples of how to put your faith into action.

“We serve one of the Kirk’s Priority Areas parishes, and the challenges can sometimes feel immense but with people like these five elders as part of the team, we know we can move forward with faith and hope to the future.”

Mrs Paterson said it was a “real joy” to see Miss Reid and a great team of youngsters now running Wellesley Young Church team.