Former Moderator leads Glasgow church service for learning disabilities charity

Very Rev Dr John Chalmers, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, is co-leading a special Advent service at Bearsden New Kilpatrick Church in Glasgow for the Prospects Across Scotland charity on Sunday 1 December.

Prospects works with churches all over Scotland, aiming to equip congregations to be more effective in how they welcome people with learning disabilities.

Prospects Across Scotland is a charity that exists to raise awareness among Christians in Scotland about the needs of people with learning disabilities.

Very Rev Dr John Chalmers, who is currently Convener of the Church of Scotland's Assembly Trustees as well as a Trustee for Prospects Across Scotland, said:

"I look forward to welcoming everyone to this special Sunday afternoon Advent service at Bearsden New Kilpatrick.

"Prospects is a small charity dedicated to enabling people with learning disabilities to be fully included in the life and worship of the Church.

"The charity was supported by the Church of Scotland's Guild as one of their projects from 2015-2018, and this upcoming service is one of the new initiatives which they hope to repeat in different parts of the country."

Dr Chalmers will lead the service alongside Rev Roderick Hamilton, the minister at Bearsden New Kilpatrick.

Prospects works with churches all over Scotland, aiming to equip congregations to be more effective in how they welcome people with learning disabilities and share the Good News about Jesus in a way that everyone can understand, as well as providing opportunities and highlighting the gifts of those with learning disabilities.

Some churches try to make changes to their regular services to make them more accessible to people with learning disabilities.

Other churches run a group aimed at bringing a Bible message to people with learning disabilities in an understandable way. These groups are of all shapes and sizes, meeting the needs of the local community.

We belong to one another – in community and Communion

Come and celebrate the great diversity of God's people and share the bread of life with one another.

If you are interested in worship that has a place for everyone – this service is for you.

The Sunday Advent service will take place on Sunday 1 December from 3pm at Bearsden New Kilpatrick Church, 28 Kirk Place, Bearsden, Glasgow, G61 3RT.

The service is free to attend and everyone is welcome.

Improve learning disabilities accessibility within your church

Our Learning Disabilities: A Discussion Starter booklet is available for congregations seeking to enable those with learning disabilities to meaningfully belong to their church community. It is available to download and view here, and you can order a print copy here.

Prospects Across Scotland has also produced some useful ideas for churches to use during Sunday services and to improve accessibility around your church.

Want to get more involved, through volunteering, praying, donating or running a church group? Prospects have lots of ideas on how to get involved.