Welcome to the Salt Yard - the 21st century church on the street

Volunteers at an innovative church project in Edinburgh have been praised for the fantastic work they are doing to reach out to the local community.

Right Rev Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly, said she was very impressed with Saltyard on Dalry Road, which is run by Gorgie, Dalry and Stenhouse Church.

Salt Yard
Right Rev Susan Brown and volunteers and staff at the Salt Yard.

It is located in what was the sanctuary of St Colm’s Church, which closed in 2011, and sells a wide range of delicious food and drink.

The Saltyard has a Prayer Room, children’s play area and sells Fair Trade goods.

It aims to be an accessible church during the working week, a place of welcome, hospitality and a place where community relationships can be formed and nurtured.

Sunday evening services are held at 6.30pm.