Renfrew North welcomes new minister

The congregation of Renfrew North have called Rev. Philip Wallace as their new minister, and since he was formerly a Trading Standards Officer with Hampshire County Council, they can be sure that what you see is what you get.

Rev Philip Wallace
Rev Philip Wallace

On Wednesday 21 March church members showed just how much they liked what they saw, when they packed the church to welcome him as their new minister.

Mr Wallace, who was previously a minister in the United Reformed Church in Brighton, has served as the minister for Campbeltown since 2004.

Asked what had brought him into the Church of Scotland he explained, “I wanted to be minister of a parish, not just a congregation, and in the reformed tradition that meant coming into the Church of Scotland.”

He is pleased to move to Renfrew, he says, because, “the parish profile showed the people to be warm and inclusive and welcoming.”

The warmth of that welcome was on display both during the service and at the social event afterwards, proving that with the congregation also, what you see is what you get.