Moderator encourages young BB leaders to enjoy life and give back

Rt Rev Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has praised the young people attending The Boys’ Brigade’s KGVI youth leadership course on a visit to Carronvale House.

Rt Rev Susan Brown with Boys Brigade youth leaders
Rt Rev Susan Brown with Boys Brigade youth leaders

The course offers a residential training opportunity to young people aged 17 – 21 who wish to move into BB leadership. This year the course is attended by 18 BB members from different parts of Scotland.

Mrs Brown who was previously a KGVI course chaplain in 2009/10, spent time chatting with the young people and hearing their views on range of issues – including international affairs and their future careers.

She also fielded questions about the various celebrities she has married as parish minister in Dornoch.

KGVI programme 'a brilliant experience'

Speaking after dinner on Tuesday 16 July, Mrs Brown took the opportunity to encourage the young leaders:

“What you have started this week will stay with you for the rest of your life. Having been a course chaplain previously, I know that KGVI is a brilliant experience. It’s brilliant because of what you learn – but also what you give.

“The impact you make on this world is up to you. I would encourage you to engage fully in what this week is about and to make the most of it and of what lies before you. Enjoy what it brings you and enjoy what you can give back because that is every bit as important.”

Moderator with Boys Brigade at Carronvale
Moderator with Boys Brigade at Carronvale

Never underestimate the difference you make

The Moderator brought a gift for each of the young people and also the course staff – a carved footstep. She added:

“You are leading the way for your generation. By being part of this experience, you are saying that you are important, the people around you are important, the world around you is important and that relationships are important too. Don’t underestimate the difference you can make.”

John Sharp, Director for The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland, said:

“We were delighted to welcome Susan to the KGVI course and really appreciate not only the time she spent with us, but also her encouraging words to our young leaders.”

The KGVI Course is SCQF Credit-rated by the SQA and since its inception, over 2,400 young leaders have benefited from this training.