Kirk discusses what it means to be Christian in a Brave New World

The Church of Scotland has joined three other churches to host a conference in Manchester this Saturday to look at what it means to be a Christian in the midst of our changing world, and to discuss the question, How do we live prophetically in a time of political turbulence, social upheaval and climate change?

‘Brave New World? Faithful living in a time of change’, has been organised by the Joint Public Issues Team, a group that supports the Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed Churches and The Church of Scotland on matters of peace and justice

The conference will include 10 different workshops that address Christians’ challenges, fears and hopes for the future. Stella Creasy MP and Peter Oborne, a columnist from the Daily Mail, will give keynote speeches.

The Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland
The Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland

The event will also include a talk from Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland, who will explore the too-often stifled challenges held in our sacred stories.

The power of vulnerability and forgiveness

Entitled 'Subversive Wisdom in a Brave New World' her talk will unpack themes in the Bible that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

“Throughout our sacred stories, there is a different strain that talks about the power of vulnerability and forgiveness, the deep truth of our interconnectedness, the call to let go of the love and collecting of things so you can embrace life and each other,” she says.

"If we are to be brave in this new world, that wisdom needs to be embodied and lived out in us."

Find out more about the Joint Public Issues Team here.

Follow the conference events on the Joint Public Issues team Facebook Page. Some of the talks may be live-streamed.