Kirk of Calder holds ecumenical service to mark 500 years of Reformation

Very Rev Albert Bogle will be the guest preacher at an ecumenical service at the Kirk of Calder in West Lothian to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the beginning of The Reformation.

Luther Before the Diet of Worms by Anton von Werner (1843–1915)
Luther Before the Diet of Worms by Anton von Werner (1843–1915)

The service, which will include representatives from other churches including the Catholic Church and the Methodist Church will be live-streamed on the Sanctuary First online ministry website.

The former Moderator said the service will focus on five R’s connected with The Reformation: remembering, reforming, repenting, rejoicing and reconciling.

“We could not have had an event like this 20 years ago, but today churches are trying very hard to be united in Christ,” Mr Bogle said.

“The intention of The Reformation was to reform so that we might become more Christlike and I think all churches today recognise the need for continual reform.

“I think it is very exciting that on this occasion we are joining together and continuing to find ways to be together as Christians.”

Rev John Povey, minister at the Kirk of Calder, said the congregation raised £85,000 for the Vine Trust to commemorate The Reformation.

“The congregation of Kirk of Calder planned three years ago to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation by raising funds to build an orphanage in Tanzania under the direction of the Vine Trust,” he explained.

“Christians in developing countries do not identify with 500-year-old European disputes, and we felt that helping and supporting others would be a tangible way of marking this milestone in the Church’s story, as we too look forward, as the reformers of the 16th century did, to what God has yet to do in His Church.

“We are really excited about the service to be held in our historic church building, which was visited in 1556 by John Knox, and we look forward to welcoming our friends from neighbouring parishes and denominations to share with us in worship and fellowship.”

Martin Luther, a German monk, began The Reformation in Europe in October 1517 when he is said to have ‘nailed’ 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.

The Scottish Reformation, influenced by other reformers such as John Calvin and John Knox, came about decades later in 1560.

Mr Bogle established Sanctuary First as a pioneer online ministry working within Falkirk Presbytery.

Everyone is invited to attend the 7pm service at Kirk of Calder Church of Scotland, Main Street, Mid Calder, Livingston, EH530AN

Tune in to the livestream at 7pm on the Sanctuary First website