Churches prepare for the Year of Young People

Churches across Scotland are pledging to celebrate, work and pray with children and young people during 2018.

The Moderator with NYA Moderator
Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning and NYA Moderator Robin Downie are encouraging churches to pledge their support.

The Scottish Government has named 2018 as the Year of Young People and is planning 12 months of events and activities. The Year of Young People will give opportunities for young people to lead as well as highlighting the contributions of youth workers, teachers and everyone who supports children.

Now local churches and presbyteries are taking this opportunity to develop their own ideas and initiatives and the Mission and Discipleship council has produced a toolkit of resources to support churches who want to join in. Every church that sends in a signed copy of the Year of Young People Pledge will receive a toolkit.

The Year of Young People Church Toolkit includes a poster, ideas for worship, and information that will help you plan something special for your church to achieve next year.

Robin Downie and Catriona Muckhart
NYA Moderator Robin Downie and NYA Clerk Catriona Muckhart

Local congregations are encouraged to launch the Year of Young People with a special service on Sunday 28th January 2018.

Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning encouraged churches to sign the pledge and get involved.

“This is an amazing opportunity and we would like to encourage the participation of all local churches in Year of Young People 2018 services and activities. Seize the moment God has given for our generation”.

Robin Downie, Moderator of the National Youth Assembly shared his vision for a church that includes young people. He said:

“On behalf of the many young people within the Kirk, I would like to add my voice to that of the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, to encourage churches to make the most of the opportunities of the Year of Young People; to get involved with talking with young people within and beyond the church walls, engaging them in the life of the church and planning some special activities with them during this year.

“I have a dream for our church which I believe, hope and pray can become a reality. Can we work towards that dream together?”

You can download and sign the Year of Young People Pledge and send in the response form or e mail and put up the poster in your church.

Mission and Discipleship staffers Suzi and Isobel
Suzi Farrant, Young People and Young Adults' Development worker, and Isobel Booth-Clibborn, Children and Families Development worker, have put together a toolkit to support local churches.