General Assembly Hall artist showcases intricate drawings of newsagent shops

An architecture graduate turned artist is showcasing his latest exhibition - intricate drawings of newsagent shops.

Will Knight, a member of Glasgow Trinity Possil and Henry Drummond Church, has produced thirteen scale architectural drawings of premises.

William Knight stood by his drawing
William Knight at the exhibition

Nine of the images are exterior elevations and four are internal section drawings, all of which are newsagents within walking distance of his flat in the city's West End.

The exhibition, which is being held at the New Glasgow Society, is the culmination of his most recent project and celebrates the everyday.

A communal space

Mr Knight, a Glasgow School of Art graduate, said: "These places are communal but we don't take the time to notice them.

"Buildings of religious, political or historic significance are rightly revered, yet these places are so normal and banal - it's interesting to raise them to the same level though such studied drawings, celebrating their cultural and social significance."

Mr Knight. who has used the same drawing technique to study and draw the Church's General Assembly Hall in Edinburgh and Renfield St Stephen's Church in Glasgow, chose newsagents as his subject matter because of their deep roots in the community and a wish to "celebrate independent shops".

"I like their bold and bright frontages and the fact they're designed to simply sell things," he said.

"There's also a direct link to the person who owns it.

"Everyone has a childhood recollection of a newsagent.

"People still congregate and meet their neighbours and have a direct relationship with the sellers."

Church ties

Mr Knight's ties to the Church of Scotland are particularly strong as his father-in-law Rev Richard Buckley is the minister at his church.

Members of the congregation attended the opening night of the exhibition and Mr Knight said "people from church have been really supportive" as he embarks on his art career.

His wife Rachel in particular has been "a great help".

Guests visiting the exhibition
Visitors to the exhibition

Each drawing has been painstakingly produced due to Mr Knight's training as an architect:

"I would go to the shop and take measurements, take photos and from the measurements I'd do a sketch," he explained.

"From this I would produce an outline drawing and over this I would use pen and water colour.

I've also done four cross-sections, which depict the rich interiors of the shops."

Everyday places

A previous project to depict bakeries in Glasgow "sparked" Mr Knight's interest in everyday places, giving him the inspiration to take on this project.

He has invited the owner of every newsagent and hopes that visitors will find it "informal, welcoming and democratic," adding that the "newsagents have been really helpful.

"They've put posters up in the windows to advertise the show," he said.

The exhibition Glasgow Independent Newsagents shops: A Celebration in Drawings takes place in the New Glasgow Society, Glasgow, and will be open until Tuesday 22 August.

An original drawing of the General Assembly Hall will be on display at the hall on Doors Open Day on the 23 and 24 September in Edinburgh and Mr Knight will be present at the event to introduce the work and answer questions.

For more information and contact details please go to Will Knight's website or instagram.