Contact information during COVID-19 shutdown

Contact information for each department while the national office is closed.

During this very challenging time, as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 crisis together, we recognise the importance of continuing to provide a service from the national administrative office to the local Church across all our critical service areas. We are aware that the arrangements for contacting us over this period need to be clearer. Below, we list the key points of contact for you to access our services.

Please note that this is only key contacts, not the full list of staff members still working. That continues to change in line with operational requirements and is available on request from

The Assembly Trustees have agreed to furlough a large percentage of staff from the Church of Scotland’s Administrative Offices at 121 George Street to protect jobs and conserve our resources during this difficult financial time. This situation will continue to be subject to change as government guidance and support arrangements develop over the coming months. However, rest assured that at each step of the furlough process we have and will continue to ask ourselves: “can we still provide the critical support needed by the local church?” before agreeing to any proposals for staff to move onto furlough.

If you need assistance from the national administrative offices, we ask that you contact the department via the email address noted below. We ask for your understanding during this time, as it might take a little longer to respond than normal due to the reduced staffing levels.

Department contact details

Faith Nurture (formerly Ministries and Mission and Discipleship Councils and includes Ecumenical Relations and the Theological Forum): Angus Mathieson,, 0771 127 3232

Faith Impact (formerly World Mission and Church and Society Councils): Carol Finlay,, 0131 225 5722

Office of the General Assembly (Principal Clerk's Office and Moderator's Office): Catherine McIntosh,, 0131 240 2240

General Trustees Department (for all congregational building and Health and Safety matters): David Robertson,

Church of Scotland Investors Trust: Nicola Robertson,, 0131 376 3678

Pensions Department (for the closed Defined Benefit Scheme):, 0131 240 2255

Housing & Loan Fund: Hazel Bett,, 0131 240 3002 or 0792 941 8762

Stewardship and Finance Department: 0797 167 7079

Communications Department: Ruth MacLeod,, 0782 652 6266

Safeguarding: Julie Main,, 0774 119 4565

The Law Department: Mary Macleod,, 0131 240 2209

IT Department (including support for Church of Scotland email system): Robert Keenan,, 0751 169 0011

HR Department:

Office of the Assembly Trustees (Chief Officer): Carron Lunt,, 0792 941 1784

Central Properties Department (for matters relating to Health & Safety for employees and Ministries Development Staff): Colin Wallace,, 0783 121 5009

Estates Department (for property matters within National Offices Estate): Liam Fennell,, 0738 701 9879

The Guild: Karen Gillon,,  07807 364 992