General Assembly fringe events

Hosted by Church departments and other organisations, the fringe events complement the main business of the Assembly, informing, entertaining and educating.

Full details of each event, including date, time and venue, will be confirmed at the end of March.

Young people at the General Assembly 2018
Young people from the National Youth Assembly at the General Assembly's Year of Young People event

Some will take place when the Assembly breaks for lunch between 12:30 and 14:00, others when business ends each day.

All events will be held in locations within a few minutes’ walk of the Assembly Hall, including St Columba's by the Castle, the Quaker Meeting House, Riddle's Court, the Senate Room and Augustine Church Centre on George IV Bridge.

Events in 2019 will be hosted by: Church and Society Council, Eco Congregation Scotland, Go For It Fund, the Housing and Loan Fund, Participatory Budgeting Team, Place for Hope, Spill the Beans Resource Team, Stewardship and Finance Department and World Mission Council.

Martin Hall

Visit Martin Hall during the Assembly to explore the Church of Scotland's exhibition of resources and information, Cornerstone Bookshop and Wippell's clerical outfitters.

The bookstall will open from 8:30 until 30 minutes after the close of business on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; until 19:00 on Tuesday and on Friday from 8:30 until 15:00.

Locations and directions

St Columba's by the Castle - Use the Lawnmarket door from the Assembly Hall – head down Johnston Terrace; St Columba's is the Scottish Episcopal Church on the left – blue door.

Quaker Meeting House - Use the Lawnmarket door from the Assembly Hall – cross at mini- roundabout, down hill to the left of the Free Church Assembly Hall. Meeting House is on the left.

Riddle's Court - Use the Lawnmarket door from the Assembly Hall – head down Royal Mile, the entrance to Riddle's Court is on the right, opposite Gladstone's Land.

Senate Room - Cross the quadrangle, Senate Room is under the archway at Mound Place.

Augustine Church Centre, George IV Bridge - Use the Lawnmarket door – head down Royal Mile to traffic lights, turn right, Augustine is on your left.