General Assembly 2018: Video updates

The following videos are short presentations from some of the main Councils and Committees who reported to the General Assembly this year, as well as a welcome message from the Moderator Designate.

Moderator Designate's Message

Welcome to the 2018 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Whether you are an old hand at the Assembly or this is your very first experience, I hope you will find it to be something inspiring, challenging and above all, enjoyable.

Participation is the key. That doesn't mean always being on your feet, speaking, but it does mean reading up the reports beforehand and arriving each day prepared for the day ahead. If you do that, I promise you will get so much more out of the Assembly. The questions and the contributions from Commissioners are crucial to the work of the Assembly.

This year circulation breaks have been built in to each day. These are to encourage people to talk - please make full use of them. Introduce yourself to as many as possible. Move your seat to meet even more people because the relationships built up over the week add even more to the Assembly experience.

And each day, let your breath be taken away by the great width of the Church's involvement in so many areas and aspects of life and by the depth and impact of that engagement.

Above all, enjoy the worship.

The devotions each day are not just the Church's way of introducing business. They are what we are about. Let the singing, the prayers and God's word set the scene for the day ahead and then look for God's Spirit weaving his way through all the debates and discussions and decisions as together we seek God's will for us as a Church.

So... Welcome to the General Assembly of 2018. Enjoy it - and be blessed in it!

Convener Summaries