Faith Impact Forum

As part of a restructuring plan meant to deliver a leaner, more efficient Church, the former World Mission and Church and Society Councils were combined to form the Faith Impact Forum.

The Faith Impact Forum seeks to enable and support the church, congregations and presbyteries as they engage with local, national and international issues, with particular focus on identifying and using multiple methods of communication, including face-to-face and virtual.

In its report to the 2020 General Assembly, the Faith Impact Forum proposed to structure its work around three thematic areas:

  • Congregational engagement
  • Global justice
  • Public witness

The Forum helps presbyteries and congregations identify ways to work with both local organisations and the world church on issues that impact the wider world as well as those closer to home. This includes providing support for:

  • Twinning
  • Mission partners
  • Interfaith discussions and cooperation
  • Study visits and pilgrimages, which enable people of all ages and experience to learn from partners around the world

In addition, the Forum is committed to supporting General Assembly decisions on social justice and the pursuit of a fairer, more ethical world by campaigning for gender and racial justice, help for refugees, democracy, education, and ending poverty.

As part of its work on climate change, the Forum will help develop a strategy for the Church to transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The Faith Impact Forum also continues to support the work of the Society, Religion and Technology Project, which examines ethical issues in science and medicine.


Convener: Very Rev Dr Susan Brown

Vice-convener: Rev Alan Miller

Head: Rev Ian Alexander