Central Properties

The Central Properties Department provides a professional property, facilities and health and safety service to:

  • Central Services Committee
  • Faith Nurture Forum (formerly Mission and Discipleship Council and Ministries Council)
  • Faith Impact Forum (formerly Church and Society Council and World Mission Council)
  • other sections of the Church on an ad hoc basis.

The department falls under the remit of the Central Services Committee.


The department is responsible for a range of duties which include the acquisition and disposal of Church property and sites for new churches. It also takes a lead in the construction and redevelopment of Church property and manages existing property such as manses, furlough houses, offices and Church centres.

The Central Properties Department team is responsible for proactive and reactive maintenance, tenant management and support, congregation and building user training and support, and the identification and selection of appropriate contractors to undertake works.


In its role of providing professional facilities services, the department identifies and supplies appropriate equipment and carries out the statutory periodic testing and maintenance of equipment.

Health and safety

A key area for the department is the implementation, management and revision of the Health and Safety Policy to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and its supporting legislation. This applies to employees of the Central Services Committee and direct employees of Ministries Council, World Mission Council and Mission and Discipleship Council.

Contact for more information

For further information please email us at cpd@churchofscotland.org.uk or contact us at the Church's offices in Edinburgh.

  • Property, health and safety manager: Colin Wallace
  • Property, health & safety officer: Jacqueline Collins
  • Property officer: Eunice Hessell
  • Support assistant: Joyce McMurdo