CrossReach Stories

The style and content of the Gospels are by and large narrative accounts of events. They are collections of stories about particular people, in a particular place, at a particular time. As we connect with those stories, our own life stories are touched, we are moved to grow and change. Our lives are transformed as we open ourselves up to the experience of others.

As we journey through Epiphany and lent, moving towards Easter we will encounter many stories of biblical characters in the Gospel stories - two disciples called, 5000 fed, a special baptism, a special appearance by Moses and Elijah, a Samaritan women, a man born blind, two grieving sisters and a brother soon to be raised – to name just some.

A myriad of stories woven together into one larger story. People in community, struggling to find their way, supporting one another then falling out; making things right then getting it really wrong again – and so the stories go on.

As we explore these stories and meet these characters we begin to see a very human side of the Gospels which in turn leads us to ask very human questions of ourselves. Where are we connecting with those with visual impairments? Where are we supporting families to work through difficulties? Where are we when women are mistreated in any way? How do we respond to the reality of people living on the streets?

The Church of Scotland Social Care Council, CrossReach has provided every Minister in Scotland with a copy of the DVD ‘CrossReach Stories’ as a tool to generate conversations as part of worship, house groups, coffee morning or other gatherings. This resource provides a way for congregations to discuss the work of the church in response to real human stories, linking them with Gospel stories and exploring how best to respond together.

We commend this resource to you, to flesh out the Gospel stories in the life and worship of your church.

If you wish to order a copy of the DVD please email CrossReach, providing your full details.