Healing communities

Remembrance services

Bereavement service - Gone but not forgotten- Priority Areas Minister, Christopher Rowe, speaks about remembrance services and their importance today.

Easter Journey of Remembrance- A sample remembrance service by Rev David Locke from his time at Barlanark Greyfriars Church in Glasgow.


An experience of a Service of Dedication for a Memorial Bench- An account of a service to dedicate a bench as a memorial to a 17 year old young man who was stabbed and killed.

Dedication of a table on a Scottish Island in memory of a young man who took his own life in prison- A sample dedication service for a table which was next to a bench which had already been dedicated to the younger brother of the young man who died.

An idea for a community memorial event.


A discussion about 'Apt Liturgy' by Anne Morrisy.