National Day of Prayer

As part of Together We Pray, we are encouraging you to gather together – in small groups, churches and presbyteries – for a National Day of Prayer on 3 November 2018.


Resources for the day are now available to download from the Resource section.

Planning an event

If you are planning an event, it may be helpful to consider a few questions:

  • What are we praying for?
  • How shall we pray together?
  • What makes me want to pray?
  • What barriers stop me praying?
  • What can I be listening for/looking for?

Below are a few suggestions on how you might prepare and some resources you might find helpful.

  • Could Together We Pray be linked to something you are already doing?
  • Think about hosting a prayer breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • How might your prayer gatherings be accessible to people of all ages and stages?
  • Could you set up prayer stations to include arts and crafts, movement or lighting candles?
  • How will your event be informed by issues in the wider community? Might you invite people from the community to help shape your prayers?
  • Why not head out to the local community on a prayer walk?
  • You may feel it is important to include elements of confession as part of your day of prayer. How might you create a space for this to happen?