Pray Now

Pray Now is a collection of modern prayers that can be used by all denominations, by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship. Each year, our relationship with God is explored through a theme. This year’s theme is ‘From Generation to Generation’. Prayers explore the phases of life and the richness of the interaction between the generations.

The Pray Now Group have received very positive reactions to the 2012 edition and they have retained and enhanced the same approach to make it even more useful for the whole year.

Pray Now gives a place to start when you feel you have no words of your own, and prayer activities that allow time to think and space to listen. They also prompt action and movement when the words just don’t seem enough.

The Pray Now Group is a team who care deeply about the role of prayer in our lives. Drawn from an ecumenically minded Church of Scotland group, their work is written for a wide, diverse and international readership.

How to order

Pray Now is produced each year by the Office of the Resourcing Worship team, part of the Mission and Discipleship Council. It is published on its behalf by Saint Andrew Press, the Church's publishing house.

Copies of Pray Now for 201, priced at £7.99, are available from Saint Andrew Press.

Or buy Pray Now for the Kindle.