Family life

Striving Together: celebrating competitiveness in sport

This report was presented to the General Assembly in 2014. Sport in its many forms is enjoyed at many levels by many people in Scotland. Competitiveness in sport can draw out the best in people, but can also give rise to unworthy behaviour. So how can we enjoy sport, loving our neighbours and treating others as we would want to be treated, and still give expression to the competitive spirit?

Families and the church in the 21st century: the meaning of kinship bonds

This report was presented to the General Assembly in 2014 to look at the changing influence of both adoption and fertilitymedicine on ideas of family, parenthood and kinship.

Adoption and fostering

Adoption and Fostering are ways in which many can help in the bringing up of children. Naturally this is not to be undertaken lightly but for those who are called to this it is a significant contribution that they can make. Below are some links to help you think about the possibilities and some pointers as to how to start the process.

Domestic Abuse

Growing up in Scotland Today

This report was presented to the General Assembly in 2009 by the Church and Society Council and emphasises the need for the church to work in partnership with politicians and other agencies to inprove conditions for children and young people in Scotland. Topics covered include crime and anti-social behaviour, vulnerable and marginalised children, health, child poverty and exploitation.

Forced Marriage

The Scottish Government issued a consultation papers on 'Forced Marriage: a civil remedy?' at the end of 2008..