In 2009, the Church and Society Council presented a report to the General Assembly which sought to look behind the problems that drug and alcohol abuse cause in our society, to their root causes, and then suggest positive ways in which individual Christians, as well as the church both locally and nationally could respond.

Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol

The Scottish Government produced a discussion paper on Changing Scotland's relationship with alcohol.


The Church and Society Council was given the following deliverance from the 2005 General Assembly:

"Instruct the Church and Society Council to take forward the on-going work of Social Responsibility in relation to gambling, in particular to maintain a watching brief on the progress of the Gambling Bill, to respond appropriately and address key issues such as the internet and other interactive forms of gambling."

A sub group was set up to look at the issues involved and gathered evidence on interactive TV, internet gambling, sports sponsorship, stock market and super casinos. The group brought reports to the 2007 and 2008 General Assemblies.

Response to consultation on remote gambling

The Church responded to the UK Government's consultation below.

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The Road to Recovery: A New Approach to Tackling Scotland's Drug Problem

Practical support

How to drugproof your kids

This is a course for parents and other carers to help prevent children becoming involved with drugs and excessive alcohol use. It is available to local congregations, who can have someone trained to deliver the course to people within their own parish and community. Find out more from the How to Drugproof your kids website at