These are some of the campaigns in which the Church of Scotland is involved.  Find out more about you can help and be involved.

It’s Time to Close the Gap Between Rich and Poor

This Campaign, run by Church Action on Poverty, is built around ordinary people and churches pledging to join the movement and do what they can.

Turn a global crisis into a global opportunity

Support the Robin Hood Tax which is a tax on banks that could give billions to tackle poverty and climate change both here and abroad.

Invest in Peace

Please invest in peace. Whatever your experience or available time, the ideas listed below can help you. One person cannot do everything, but together we can make a difference

White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon Campaign: Men working to end violence against women.

Living Wage Campaign

Even in a wealthy society like the UK, people who work full-time can still live close to the margin of subsistence. Campaigners and churches are calling for the Government and employers to provide a living wage.

Keep the Promise

Send the government an urgent plea, which could prevent more babies being born with HIV.