International issues


  • Read the letter from the Convener of the Church and Society Council, Rev Sally Foster-Fulton to the Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague MP, on the situation in Syria (November 2012)
  • Read the reply from William Hague to Sally Foster-Fulton (December 2012)


  • Read the 2012 General Assembly report
  • Letter from the Moderator, Rt Rev Albert Bogle, to the UK Government about UN funding for the Anglican Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza - 12 June 2012
  • Reply from Andrew Mitchell MP on Al Ahli Hospital - 21 June 2012

Just War Criteria and the War in Afghanistan


The Church has expressed concern about the arrest and sentencing to death of Christian Asia Bibi for blasphemy.

Middle East

In May 2011 the General Assembly repeated a call for clear labelling of products from Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.

The Convener of the Church and Society Council, Rev Ian Galloway, wrote to the Chief Executive of leading supermarket chains:


Armenia and Turkey

In June 2007, the Church and Society Council Secretary visited Armenia with the Church and Society Commission of Council of European Churches. Armenia is very proud of the fact that it was the first officially Christian nation, being proclaimed as such in 301AD.The group visited the memorial for the 1915 slaughter visited upon Armenia in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. A debate has raged ever since about whether or not the events commemorated there can be referred to as genocide.


In 2004 the General Assembly urged church members to pray for the people of Burma and to campaign and agitate for justice in Burma. The Assembly acknowledged the determination, courage and commitment to democracy of Aung San Sui Kyi, and welcomed the decision of Edinburgh City Council to grant her the freedom of the city. Church members were strongly urged not to holiday in Burma while the junta remains in power. The Assembly condemned the wide-spread human rights abuses, forced labour and cultural genocide of ethnic minority groups in Burma, and urged HM Government both to discourage Western companies from investing and operating in Burma and to continue to use all diplomatic means and resources at its disposal to bring a return of democratic government to Burma.


In 2005 the General Assembly expressed outrage at the inability of the Sudanese government and the international community to protect the people of Darfur from the organised violence that has killed so many and has driven countless others from their land and livelihoods. The Assembly called on the United Nations, the European Union and HMG to work through and appropriately resource the African Union as the best means of achieving progress and eventual peace.

Sri Lanka

Recently the situation in Sri Lanka has deteriorated significantly, with an escalation of the civil war and growing concerns for the future peace. The 2009 General Assembly called on the Church to remember Sri Lanka in their prayers.


In 2003 the General Assembly called on all members of the Church to pray for the people of Zimbabwe as they struggle to overcome poverty, hunger, disease and oppression; and to pray for the restoration of proper relational governance with the people, effective and fair land reform, and freedom, security and welfare for all the people of Zimbabwe. The Assembly also encouraged HM Government to continue the urgent humanitarian work being done, and to search earnestly through the Commonwealth and other appropriate agencies, for a just resolution of the crisis facing Zimbabwe.