Action for climate justice

Speak out: Action for climate change 23-27 November 2015

Churches around the world are speaking out for climate justice.

The Rev. Sally Foster Fulton, Convener of the Church and Society Council explains how she has come to see its importance.

"I have visited Bolivia with Christian Aid and have seen the impact of climate change there, the glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate, flooding in the forest where indigenous communities are being badly affected and increased temperatures leading to more drought and forest fires."

"Bolivia contributes a minute amount to our planet's carbon footprint, but its people suffer devastating effects."

"Climate chaos affects our poorest most vulnerable brothers and sisters first – it hits them hardest, it hits them fastest, and they have least to do with it. This why I am calling for climate justice"

The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, December 2015

At the beginning of December thousands of delegates will meet in Paris to try and hammer out a global deal on climate change.

This will require developed countries like the USA and member states of the European Union to agree to reduce their carbon emissions, to challenge China to do the same, and to support developing counties in a low carbon route to prosperity.

The Climate Baton

Churches across Scotland are calling for a deal in Paris and have shared in the journey of the baton, which we will be taking to Paris. The baton carries the message "Time for Climate Justice: Churches in Scotland Demand a Deal in Paris, December 2015".

Follow the journey of the baton

What can you do?

Join Scotland's Climate March in Edinburgh

We are joining Stop Climate Chaos Scotland to organise a march through Edinburgh at the beginning of the Paris Conference. Scotland's Climate March will be on the 28th November, gathering at 12 noon at the Meadows in Edinburgh.

Join us before the march at an ecumenical service at 11a.m., at the Edinburgh University Catholic Chaplaincy in George Square, near the Meadows. The service has been organised by Eco Congregation Scotland.

Speak Out

Tell us what you think. Fill in our Climate Change Campaign Template and take a selfie of your message. Send it to us at, letting us know which part of Scotland you're from. Please use a marker pen and large writing. We will share the photos in our Week of Action for Climate Justice in November.

Become an Eco-congregation

The best way you can find out more about climate justice and how to care for creation is to become an eco-congregation. Find out more at the Ecocongregation Scotland website.

Sign the ACT NOW Climate Petition

Sally Foster Fulton, Church and Society Convener, will be in Paris representing Scotland as Climate Justice ambassador for ACT NOW, urging political leaders to bring climate justice for all. Help ensure this happens by signing the ACT NOW petition. Please help us send a strong and clear message to Paris!

Check out the Christian Aid Big Shift Campaign

Individuals, governments and institutions are starting to shift their money out of fossil fuels - a major driver of climate change - and into the cleaner, safer energy of the future. However, it's not happening quickly enough.

Christian Aid would love for your church to join them as they call for a big shift away from dirty energy, towards a cleaner and brighter future in which all God's people can flourish. We can only achieve this big shift with your help!