10,000 voices for change

 Speak Out: 10,000 voices for change

In September 2015 the Church and Society Council launched 'Speak Out: 10,000 voices for change' – a consultation and visioning process aimed at identifying the key issues of justice facing individuals and communities across Scotland. We wanted to identify the concerns which, if we addressed them, would help to make Scotland a fairer, more equal and more just nation in a fairer, more equal and more just world.

 Parallel to this was a need to enable the Church of Scotland to take a long-term approach to tackling inequality and injustice - moving the work of the Council from being reactive in nature to a more strategic, long-term and focused way of working.

Between September and December 2015 we asked people in local churches and from every walk of life, including those who are the most disadvantaged and excluded in Scottish society, to help us develop our priorities.

The aim was to gather everyone's suggestions, identify no more than six key areas for action, and commit ourselves to working on those every day, locally, nationally and internationally, for at least the next ten years. We were overwhelmed by the responses we received, with over 10,000 people taking part and sharing their thoughts with us.

In May 2016 we will launch the results of Speak Out, and look forward to sharing our themes and working with churches and communities across Scotland over the coming months and years.