What is twinning?

Twinning is a relationship between a congregation or presbytery from the Church of Scotland with a congregation or presbytery from the world church. These direct links are built upon and congregations build friendships, share ideas, work on projects together, and learn from one another!

More information on Twinning and who you can twin with can be found on at Twinning with the Wider Church, How you can get involved

For more information on Twinning, contact the Twinning Development Officer Stephanie Thomson. She is there to help you through the whole twinning process, from your first enquiry through to the signing of your Twinning Agreement.

Stephanie Thomson, Twinning Development Officer, email:

Twinning eNews

Our new Twinning eNews will be launched in the next few weeks. This will be published every two months and full of twinning stories and the latest twinning news and tips. Subscribe here

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