Partner Churches

The Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH)

Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC)

Partnership History

  • The Protestant Church in Hungary can trace its origins back to early in the Reformation
  • Today there are around 1,300 RCH congregations in 27 presbyteries
  • RCH understands itself as a 'border-crossing' community: crossing geographical and political borders in expressing church unity and communion
  • With the Hungarian-speaking churches in the Carpathian Basin (generally speaking, the territories Hungary lost to its neighbours after World War 1), it has set up the Hungarian Reformed Church (members are the Reformed Church in Hungary, Reformed Church in Romania, Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia, Reformed Church in Carpathian Ukraine, Reformed Christian Church in Serbia, Reformed Christian Church in Slovenia and Reformed Christian Church in Croatia)

Twinnings and Projects

  • Congregational twinnings between Scotland and Hungary