Czech Republic

Partner Churches

Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren

Partnership History

  • The ECCB is one of the oldest united churches, bringing together Lutheran and Reformed in 1918
  • It exists in one of the most secular societies in the world with only 15% of the population being part of the Christian church and with little 'religious memory' due to the impact of years of Communist rule
  • The Church runs a few schools, and is now asking whether it is right to open more as a service to both church and society
  • Over the next 17 years the state will remove it's subsidy for ministerial payment, leaving the church responsible for its own finances, which is causing the church to rethink their approach to ministry

Twinnings and Projects

  • The 2013 Stamp Appeal supported an exciting eco-project in the village of Horni Krupa in the Czech-Moravian highlands
  • The Boys Brigade supported a camp in the Czech Republic as part of their World Mission Project in 2013
  • Congregational twinnings between Scotland and the Czech Republic