Partner Churches

The Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) (Thai only)

Partnership History

  • Presbyterianism first arrived in Thailand in 1838 as a result of the work of American missionaries
  • CCT was founded in 1934 as the Church in Siam with the intent of forming a single ecumenical denomination to include all Protestant churches in Thailand
  • Except for a brief period during World War II, Presbyterian missionary influence remained predominant in the CCT until the late-1970s
  • Since 1990, the denomination has experienced a major demographic shift. Tribal churches, mostly Baptist in origin, now account for about half of its total number of around 130,000 communicant members
  • CCT consists of Thai, Chinese, Karen, and English-speaking congregations

Twinnings and Projects

  • HIV Project– Sangklauri Pakh 16 Community Project
  • Baan Sabay Shelter for People Living With HIV

To see some photographs of our work in Thailand please visit our Flickr account.