Partner Churches

The Presbytery Church in Taiwan (PCT)

Partnership History

  • Presbyterianism first arrived in Taiwan as a result of the Dutch colonisation of the island in the 17th century
  • PCT traces its roots back to mission work that began in the year 1865 in Tainan with the arrival of Dr. James L. Maxwell sent by the Presbyterian Church of England
  • Little modern development was initiated by the government in Taiwan, until the Japanese takeover in 1895
  • Many modern institutions were already introduced by the church e.g the first school, including the first school for girls, the blind and deaf, the first western hospital, the care for leprosy patients, and the first printing press in Taiwan were all established by the Presbyterian Church
  • All foreign missionaries were expelled for a period from 1930, giving the church an early experience of autonomy
  • Evangelism among the indigenous tribes started at this time despite ruthless Japanese opposition and by the end of the war 4,000-5,000 indigenous people were ready for baptism

Twinnings and Projects

  • HIV Projects – Garden of Mercy Foundation
  • Exchange visits by Guild, Moderators of the two churches General Assemblies and Church of Scotland Youth

To see some photographs of our work in Taiwan please visit our Flickr account.