Sri Lanka

Partner Churches

Presbytery of Lanka

National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL)

Partnership History

  • The Presbytery of Lanka traces its origins back to the work of the Dutch Reformed Church, beginning in 1642
  • Under Dutch rule Presbyterian numbers reached 400,000
  • After a brief interlude following the shift from Dutch to British rule in the late 18th century, Church of Scotland mission work began on the island in 1830
  • In 1882 Presbyterians from the Dutch and Scottish traditions united to form the Presbytery of Lanka
  • Today, the Presbytery is very much a minority denomination, with numbers dropping below 10,000 as a result of migration and a reversion to Catholicism and other faiths
  • The Church of Scotland's links with the Presbytery of Lanka are strengthened by the presence of the Church of Scotland congregation of St Andrew's, Colombo

Twinnings and Projects

  • There are congregational twinnings between Scotland and Sri Lanka
  • HIV Projects: Women's Development Centre focuses on female empowerment in high-risk groups e.g. young people, sex workers, migrant workers and displaced peoples
  • The Theological College of Lanka
  • Working with NCCSL and international ecumenical partners on peace building and reconciliation projects

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