Partner Churches

National Council of Churches in Nepal

United Mission to Nepal (UMN)

Partnership History

  • Church of Scotland involvement in Nepal began in 1870 when a mission station was founded in Kalimpong, in the frontier territory between India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan
  • Although missionaries were barred from Nepal, Nepalese converts from Kalimpong and Darjeeling returned to the country to spread Christianity
  • Nepal opened its borders to foreign influence, including missionaries in 1951
  • Church of Scotland was one of the founders of the inter-denominational United Mission to Nepal in 1954

Twinnings and Projects

  • Supporting Mission Partners in Nepal
  • Nepal Ebenezer Bible College
  • UMN Central Offices
  • UMN Conflict Resolution
  • UMN – HIV Programme
  • National Council of Churches Nepal
  • Nation Christian Federation of Nepal

To see some photographs of our work in Nepal please visit our Flickr account.