Partner Churches

The Church of South India (CSI)

The Church of North India (CNI)

Partnership History

  • Scottish involvement in the spread of Christianity in India was considerable in British India
  • Work began at Mumbai (then Bombay) and Pune (then Poona) in 1823, under the auspices of the Scottish Missionary Society
  • Subsequently different factions of the Scottish Church founded stations in Bengal (1829), Chennai (1835), Nagpur (1845), the Punjab (1857), Rajputana (1860), Santalia (1869), Eastern Himalaya (1870) and Seoni (1872)
  • CNI came into being in 1970 as a result of the merger of the Anglican, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist, the Church of Brethren in India and the Disciples of Christ denominations in Northern India
  • Today it has around 1.25 million members in over 3,000 parishes
  • CSI was inaugurated in St George's Cathedral, Chennai in 1947
  • It was the first time that Episcopal and non-episcopal traditions successfully combined
  • Today the Church has a membership of around 3.8 million

Twinnings and Projects

  • Congregational and presbytery twinnings
  • HIV and AIDS projects
  • Scholarships for Christian students
  • Interfaith peace building work in CNI Diocese of Amritsar
  • Support for hostels in CNI Diocese of Rajasthan

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