South Sudan

Partner Church

Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS)

Partnership History

  • Before South Sudan became independent Presbyterians were largely located in the Upper Nile and Jonglei
  • Following the Referendum for Southern Independence in 2011, many South Sudanese moved out of the mainly Arab Muslim north into the south
  • The COS supported the PCOS at this time to help with the migration of millions of Sudanese from the north and surrounding countries coupled with the extreme drought
  • In April 2012, the General Assembly of the PCOS decided to change the name of the church as well as to dissolve the presbytery in the north
  • In May 2013, there were 1 million people in PCOSS, with 474 pastors (male and female) and very limited church resources
  • Following the outbreak of violence in December 2013, PCOSS has played an active role in working ecumenically to achieve peace and reconciliation in South Sudan

Twinnings and Partners

  • The Nile Theological College
  • PCOSS Relief and Development Agency

To see some photographs of our work in South Sudan please visit our Flickr account.