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Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP)

Synod of Blantyre

Synod of Livingstonia

Synod of Nkhoma - blog

Synod of Nkhoma - health department

Partnership History

  • Scottish missionaries decided to embark on missionary work in Malawi in honour of David Livingstone
  • The Free Church founded a mission in Livingstonia in 1875, and the Church of Scotland founded one in Blantyre in 1876
  • In 1924 the CCAP was established by loosely joining these two missions together with the Dutch mission in Nkhoma
  • In 1957-8 there were sixty-seven Scottish missionary families in Malawi, manning a large network of schools and hospitals
  • Today the CCAP has five Synods – three in Malawi and one each in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Twinnings and Projects

There are many congregation twinnings between Scotland and Malawi, and we also support some Mission Partners in the country.

Synod of Blantyre

  • CCAP,   Prevention and awareness –raising, within marriage, of HIV
  • Health and Development Commission
  • Mulanje Mission Hospital, Malawi
  • Enhanced Couple-Counselling in an age of HIV and AIDS, Blantyre Synod, Malawi

Synod of Livingstonia

  • David Gordon Memorial Hospital, Livingstonia, Malawi
  • Ekwendeni Mission Hospital AIDS Programme – Orphan Care Project
  • Ekwendeni Theological College
  • Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme (LISAP)

Synod of Nkhoma

  • CCAP Chileka Home-based Care Programme

Malawi wide

  • Zomba Theological College
  • Theological Education by Extension (TEEM)

To see some photographs of our work in Malawi please visit our Flickr account.