Partner Church

Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA)

Partnership History

  • Scottish merchants working in East Africa provided the funds for a mission to be established
  • In 1891 the first group of missionaries settled in East Africa, and the Church of Scotland took over administration of the mission in 1900
  • In 1910 missions were opened in Tumutumu and Chogoria, in addition to Kikuyu, from where the church operated medical and educational endeavours
  • As the experience and strength of the indigenous church grew it became less reliant on missionary work, and in 1943 the PCEA was constituted as a native church
  • PCEA has around 4 million members, organised into 310 parishes

Twinnings and Projects

  • Several congregational twinnings between Scotland and Kenya
  • Chogoria Hospital
  • Kibera Parish HIV/AIDS and OVC Programme - HIV Programme
  • PCEA AIDS Training Programme – HIV Programme
  • Together for a Change Programme (St Mark's, Drumchapel and Yatta)
  • Kibera Parish HIV/AIDS and OVC Programme - HIV Programme

To see some photographs of our work in Kenya please visit our Flickr account.