Partner Churches

Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPC, G)

Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG)

Partnership History

  • EPC,G originates from the Bremen Mission's work in the south-east region
  • The Basel Mission, from Germany and Switzerland, formed the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, which later became the PCG, in the south-west region
  • Following WW1, German and Swiss missionaries were forced to leave and were replaced by Scottish missionaries
  • After WWII, healthcare and education expanded and by 1948 the churches and missions across the country ran over 90% of schools
  • With a growing desire for independence in the Gold Coast, the EPC,G became more of a national church, and the PCGC was renamed the Presbyterian Church of Ghana following independence in 1957

Twinnings and Projects

  • Several congregational and presbytery twinnings between Scotland and Ghana
  • PCG Presbytery Relief Services and Development – HIV Programme
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Development and Relief Agency (EPDRA)
  • Eco-congregations

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