Since the time of David Livingstone Scottish missionaries have had an important presence throughout Africa. Many followed his example and travelled to Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, whereas others travelled further into the 'Dark Continent'. Wherever they ended up, the Scottish missionaries are still revered and remembered for the ways in which they proclaimed the Gospel and challenged what they saw to be dehumanising practices: Mary Slessor, for example, is still celebrated for her challenge to the ritual killing of twins in Calabar, Nigeria, which resulted in the end of this superstitious practice.

Throughout our Africa pages you will see a wide variety of partnerships some of which are historic and some that are more contemporary. What all of our African partners have in common is a desire to proclaim the word of God and provide for their communities through education, healthcare and other developmental projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about one of our partners or exploring the opportunities of twinning with an African congregation please get in touch and/or visit our Twinning page. You can also help support the Church of Scotland HIV Programme, which supports many projects across Africa by visiting our HIV Programme pages.

There are also African resources so that your congregation can hold an 'African Evening' or service to get to know our partners better.