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Street Pastors

In the UK, there are around 12000 Street Pastors in about 350 areas. In Scotland, all Street Pastor areas are under the umbrella of The Ascension Trust (Scotland) Scottish Charity Number SC041912. In April 2007, there were no Street Pastors in Scotland. In April 2015, there are over 500 operating in 20 areas from Edinburgh to Tain. We will never tell an area that they need Street Pastors. If local Christians identify issues on their streets, they are the ones best placed to decide whether Street Pastors could help to deal with these issues. Working within an 'Urban Trinity' of Churches, Local Authorities and Police, Street Pastors go out in all weathers, typically from 10pm until 3am on one or more nights at the weekend. In order to increase the value of Street Pastors to the communities in Scotland, we now want to work with Guild members across the country to inform, dispel myths and raise awareness of Street Pastors.

We will explore the best vehicle to deliver these messages to the every part of the Guild family. The partnership with The Guild will allow us the option to deliver the extensive training programme in more innovative ways, including distance learning of a few of the modules.

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