All Friends Together

Prospects in Scotland is delighted to be selected as one of the Guild projects. We are a small organisation and so really value working in partnership with the Guild. We believe that, together, we can make a significant, positive change to the lives of people with learning disabilities in Scotland.

Our project All Friends Together is about helping churches to welcome people with learning disabilities and include them in all aspects of church life and to build friendships – with Jesus and with other church members. For some churches, they have started a group, within the church, aimed at adults with learning disabilities and there is potential for many more groups. People with learning disabilities often have few or no friends but we can change that –Guild members can give a clear lead to society in general about how to include and value people of all abilities – it is a very exciting opportunity.

People with learning disabilities have many gifts and talents to contribute to church life. As we offer friendship, people will have the confidence to use their gifts. All our lives will be enriched as we get to know more about Jesus and each other.

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